Preparing for your Session

In order to insure that we have optimal results from your session, we strongly recommend the following:

Make sure that everyone that will attend the portrait session is fed, rested and otherwise prepared to be photographed, or wait patiently while the session takes place. This is especially important for the little ones.

While we won’t have issues photographing you or your group with various colors and shades of clothing. Neutral or reasonably coordinated, or at least clothing that does not clash is strongly advised. Keep in mind if your clothing, jewelry and even props are too busy, it takes the focus away from the most important part of your portrait, those being photographed.

It’s extremely important that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled session time to insure any last minute preparations can be handled before starting the session. This also helps to make sure the session can start on time.

This is critical for two reasons:

1) There may be a session following yours and it’s important to give you the time you paid for but also give the same courtesy to those in the next session.

2) If your session is an outdoor session, we’ve chosen a time that will provide the appropriate lighting for ideal results. Often times, the location of the sun and other variables can dramatically effect the quality of your portraits.

Our goal is to provide the best experience, service and product possible!