About our Sessions

We offer a few types of sessions. Our goal is to create unique, professional and attractive portraits for you. Please note: All of our sessions are by appointment only. This allows us to choose a time that works for you and also allows us the proper time to plan, prepare and setup for your ideal session!

Location Portraits

Often times, there outdoor portraits in attractive settings to produce unique and captivating portraits. These can also be done indoors with an attractive and appropriate setting, lighting and enough space.

Studio Style Portraits

Some clients prefer traditional studio portraits with backgrounds, appropriate props, lighting, etc.

Environmental Portraits

These are typically portraits done in an environment that the client spends time in. It could be a work environment, hobby or just about any other type of activity that is part of one’s life. For example, an accomplished chef may want a portrait done in the kitchen preparing  a specialty plate or showing it off.